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Acceptable Use Policy

Web Site Design, Hosting, Management, Promotion

D.C.Helms, Inc. (DCH) has the right to discontinue service or deny access to anyone who violates our acceptable use policy (AUP) as shown below without warning or prior notice. If you do not agree with this policy please discontinue your service and notify D.C.Helms, Inc. or fax at 908-859-4414.

General Conduct

DCH services may only be used for lawful purposes. Any conduct that would constitute a criminal offense or would be in violation of any United States law or New Jersey state regulation or law is prohibited.

Understand that all information submitted on our system shall be considered publicly accessible. Important and private information should be protected. We are not liable for protection or privacy of electronic mail or other information transferred through the Internet or any other network provider that you may use.

DCH has a no-censorship policy unless the information transmitted is illegal or fraudulent.

We exercise no control over the content of the information passing through our system. You are responsible for your actions. Avoid sites that you find offensive but you must take responsibility for statements you make in email and any other Internet forums.


DCH does not allow SPAM (junk mail). We do not allow anyone to email or mass-email any user or group of users who have not indicated a willingness to receive such messages.

You may not advertise your site or any content thereof through unsolicited email through your DCH site or through a third party.

Harassment through language, frequency or size of messages is prohibited.

You are solely responsible for the information you publish over the Internet.

The information transmitted should not contain any obscene or illegal pornographic or indecent material.

The information you transmit must not intentionally contain viruses or other damaging data to hardware or software systems.

DCH will give a warning to a customer in violation of these policies but may terminate services immediately if the nature of the occurrence so warrants.

Systems Usage

DCH does not allow customers or other network’s connections to consume excessive resources from our systems.

Customers must safeguard their account passwords to prevent unauthorized access to their account.

“Hacking” or any attempt to modify or access security of the computer system or modify its normal system operations will result in permanent cancellation of your account and may subject you to other legal actions.

No pornographic or “adult only” sites are allowed. Posting of any defamatory, scandalous, or private information on persons without their consent, or intentionally inflicting emotional distress or physical threats against individuals or groups is prohibited.

Resellers must obligate their customers to the same terms of this policy and especially terms concerning content and activities regarding their site.

D.C. Helms, Inc.
561 Memorial Parkway
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
Phone # 908-859-2000 / Fax # 908-859-4414