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D.C. Helms Inc's Internet Services are focused towards customers who are looking for a stable product with advanced features and support for a wide variety of applications. Our helpful support team will provide you with fast and accurate responses. Your account will be stored on a powerful server with plenty of bandwidth and processing power to host small to large scale sites, e-commerce sites and static Web pages.

Entry Level Accounts (Unix)
Entry Level Accounts are perfect for individuals and businesses just getting their web site business off the ground. They offer all the basic features required for a fully functional internet site.

FreeBSD & Solaris (Unix) Virtual Servers Systems
These servers are geared towards users who want the power and flexibility of their own server without the high cost and administrative headaches. Administrators have direct access to critical applications such as Apache (httpd.conf, dynamic module support), mail server (sendmail.cf), and the ability to install third party applications such as PHP, mySQL, Major Domo, and more!

Windows 2000/NT Virtual Servers Systems
The Windows 2000 / NJ Virtual Server System includes a wide range of features including an easy-to-use control panel, Microsoft FrontPage extensions, Active Server Pages (asp programming), Database Support, and more.

D.C. Helms, Inc.
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Phone # 908-859-2000 / Fax # 908-859-4414