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Online Stores

"Electronic commerce" (EC, e-commerce or online store) is an integrative concept, designed to draw together a wide range of business support services, including inter-organisational e-mail; directories; trading support systems for commodities, products, customised products and custom-built goods and services; ordering and logistic support systems; settlement support systems; and management information and statistical reporting systems. Some people use the more restrictive terms 'electronic trading' and 'electronic markets', and others use broader terms such as 'electronic business'. Some people also restrict the scope of EC to procurement; but it's more usefully conceived much more broadly, to include any kind of business-related transaction conducted with the assistance of electronic tools.

We are a Web Design and Internet Consulting Company, providing much more than just website design. We're experienced at installing and configuring cgi scripts, such as shopping cart scripts, which are used to integrate electronic commerce with a website.

Here's a small sampling of the numerous online stores D.C. Helms, Inc. has setup:
 • Blue Tulip Woolery
 • East End Campers
 • Karaboo Ribbons
 • Luggage Factory
 • M3 Heirloom
 • Metal Pen Blanks
 • No Horsing Around
 • Odhner & Odhner
 • Quoit Factory
 • Reaction Chemicals
 • US Automation Controls

D.C. Helms, Inc.
561 Memorial Parkway
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
Phone # 908-859-2000 / Fax # 908-859-4414